Collection Gratitude

The artworks in the Gratitude collection were created in experiencing the present moment.

Hazing days, give the impression that time stops and that the light source diffuses more gently ...

A pause moment to appreciate the essence of our life.

Inner Immensity

A mountain of emotions, an infinite source of creativity, the inner immensity of my soul.

Inner Immensity, Inner Voyage, 30x24''
Inner Immensity, The Purple Hour, 30x30''
Inner Immensity, A Grand Journey, 48x48''
Inner immensity - Quietitude, 72x36 ''

The universal link


- The tree trunk represents my human body and its limitations, which serves as a link between my roots and my inspiration
- The soil represents my roots and my knowledge.
- The foliage ... my head, my thoughts, my mind, my values, my inspiration and my beliefs
and finally the sky and its light, meaning Gratitude, the present moment and hope.

Each artwork was created in this state of mind, in repetition, variations on the same theme.

Collection Gratitude, Universal Link VIII, 15x30''
Collection Gratitude, Universal Link III, 48x48''
Collection Gratitude, Universal Link VII, 40x48''
Collection Gratitude, Universal Link VI, 48x40''
Collection Gratitude, Universal Link V, 36x72''