Pastel à l’huile

Oil Pastel

This oil pastel drawings on paper Collection was created at the end of the 80′ - early 90′

The super masked turtle, 11x14 ''
Of ice and fire, 11x14 ''
Aloë, 11x14''
Inflorescent, 11x14''
NANAN, 11x14''
Trajectories, 12x18''
The ocean's fruits, 12x18''
Irresistible games, 12x18''
Medieval Links, 12x18 ''
Rouge, 12x18''
Smiles Melons, 21.25x13.5″
The king's fool, 26x20 ''
FIESTA, 26x20''
The Snail's Galaxy, 26x20 ''
Elliptical arches, 26x20 ''
Open Sky, 26x20''